Friday, February 28, 2014

Civlization 5, from Firaxis and Sid Meier

I'm a longtime fan of Sid Meier's games and the Civilization series specifically. No surprise in my mind that the latest game is quite good.

Buy it from Amazon, or Steam.

Turn based, deep strategy, timeless classic computer game. Guide your country from the Stone age through the Internet age, seeking to achieve dominance through diplomacy, culture, might or science.

Play Civ 5 if you like turn-based strategy, resource management, simulation and replayability. Play if you want to conquer the world, learn a wee bit of history, and see what happens when the Maya drop a nuke on the Assyrians in 2012 and then land on Alpha Centauri to win!

On your Mac or Windows computer.

The Civilization games offer very high replayability, with each culture (whether Assyria, Maya, Venice) providing different quirks, benefits and special abilities. Combine that with random maps, new opponents, scenarios and variable difficulty, and you can easily pour many days (and late nights) into these games. I'm having a blast with Civ 5 and the expansions: Gods & Kings as well as Brave New World.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fallen London (aka Echo Bazaar), from Failbetter Games

(First, how awesome is Failbetter Games as a company name?)

I'm taking this in the order of "What am I playing right now?" so you'll hear about the things I play as I play them, if they are awesome enough that YOU should play them too. I'm also experimenting with my template, and would love feedback. If you're asking When? the answer is Now!

Web browser, mouse only, mostly just text.

Turn based, supernatural, narrative game with novel mechanics, long story arcs, and cooperative or competitive social interactions. Freemium in very good ways.

You should play this game if you like filling in narrative gaps and a deep story taken in small pieces. Play if you enjoy a casual yet long-term game, which you can pick up for 5 minutes throughout the day. Play to explore a novel, creative world that is spooky and funny and adventurous.

Online at Fallen London

Their storytelling mechanism allows you to fill in many details and interstitial gaps for your own character's narrative while giving you all kinds of fun choices to make. Rarely have games made me pause and think for a minute about my next action, but this one has multiple times.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Where I talk about games

I love games, of most any type, and I play a lot of them.

Frequently I get questions about games, like:

  • What game should I buy my nephew?
  • What game would be good for an 8 year old?
  • What game is fun on a long flight?
And I figured I'd start assembling those answers, and more, on a specific place.

Also you'll hear me go on and on about what I'm playing now. Hooray!